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Grunnet at Mugglenet av uviss grunn slettet innlegget sitt i går, ble også Kristerts innlegg her slettet. Nå har derimot opplysningene dukket opp igjen hos Veritaserum, og som tidligere: Merk teksten for å se hva som står (MASSE spoilere!):

- S.P.E.W. is included in the movie (they don’t mention it much, but Hermione is shown making the S.P.E.W. badges and forcing Harry and Ron to buy them)
- The Dark Mark scene is supposed to be «a really big scene»
- They have finished filming the Pensieve scene
- Also included are scenes with Karkaroff following Snape around talking about the Dark Marks on the arm.
- The scene with the egg is not as it is in the book. Harry doesn’t stress over it too much, but he does get help from Cedric Diggory.
- When Dobby steals the gillyweed from Snape’s office, Snape does not suspect Harry, as he does in the book.
- How the Marauders Map is given from Harry to Moody differs from the book. In the book, Harry is trapped in a step, drops the Map, and is almost caught by Snape when Moody rescues him and confiscates the map, as well. In the movie, Moody just asks Harry for the Map.

Igjen – dette er ikke bekreftet fra WarnerBros selv, så vi kan ikke vite 100% om dette stemmer eller ei.

Takk til Guro for tipset! :)

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