Harry and the Potters – et intervju

Vi har vært så heldige å få et intervju med Harry and the Potters over e-post, for virkelig å få opp stemningen før showet i Oslo i morgen.

For det første, bandet kommer til å selge litt stæsj, t-skjorter og cd-er. Husk å ta med kontanter. T-skjortene koster rundt kr. 200, er usikker på cd-ene.

Paul DeGeorge har i intervjuet vårt fortalt litt om bandet, om Trondheimsshowet.. og om norsk melkesjokolade (Vi beholder engelsken for å gi det rette inntrykket av gutta):

So we know about Harry Potter and Harry Potter, tell us about the other two people in the band!

OK, sure. My name is Paul DeGeorge. I’m the band member who is typing this interview. My bandmate is my brother Joe. He’s the younger version of Harry Potter in the band. We started this band 8 years ago. We’re from Massachusetts in the USA and this is our first trip to Scandinavia!

Joe is 23 years old and he plays keyboard and sings in our band. He started his first band, Ed in the Refridgerators, when he was 12 year-old. Last spring he did an internship at NASA and in May he earned his bachelors degree in physics. Recently he’s started drawing comics.

I’m 31 years old. I got a chemical engineering degree and worked for a vaccine company after graduating, but I quit my job about 5 years ago when our band started touring more regularly in the United States. I also co-founded the Harry Potter Alliance, a US-based non-profit organization that uses the Harry Potter books as a way to inspire young people to get involved in social activism.

How was the show in Trondheim?

Excellent! It was sort of a last minute addition to our tour schedule, but we still had a good turnout. I was really surprised because a lot of the people had come from really far away to see us play. One woman rode trains for 13 hours and another drove over 5 hours and someone even flew in from way up north somewhere. The dedication of our Norwegian fanbase is impressive and inspiring.

Have you decided on a set list for Oslo yet? Will you play requests? (Can you please play Dumbledore? – MsJoplins favoritt)

We haven’t drawn up a setlist for Oslo yet, but yes, we’ll definitely try to honor any requests. There’s a few songs we may not be able to perform just because of the instrument set-up that we’re performing with, but fortunately Dumbledore isn’t one of those songs, so we’ll make sure we have that one ready for Oslo.

What kind of music will you rock to between shows in Scandinavia?

We’ve been listening to a lot of Whale, who are my favorite band from Sweden. They were sort of a quirky alternative band that had a minor hit in the US in the mid-90′s with a song called «Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe». I thought they would have been real popular in Sweden but not many people seem to remember them. They only know the guitarist and songwriter, Henrik Schiffert, who is now a really famous comedian.

Do you have any clean shirts left by now? >.>

Well, we’ve only played 2 shows, so things are still relatively clean. We’ll see what it’s like when we get to Oslo in a few days.

Where do you find inspiration now that the Harry Potter series is finished?

We’re inspired by new fans and new places. We’ve played some of these songs hundreds of times, but there’s always new places to play them and new people to play them for and that inspires us to travel to play in places like Norway! I love getting emails from new fans who have either come to a show or just heard our songs for the first time. It’s stuff like that that makes us want to keep playing shows. We want to play EVERYWHERE!

Joe: Have you written any more fanfiction? :D Have you read fanfiction about yourselves?

Joe has a few more chapters that he’s written of the «Hagrid in Space» story, but it’s still unpublished. He says he didn’t know that he’s a popular author in Norway, but if he keeps getting encouragement like this, maybe it will lead to further publications!

Someone did send us some Harry and the Potters fanfiction. But it was actually more about Paul and Joe rather than HP4 and HP7 and their adventures playing rock and roll. I’ll be honest, it was pretty weird to read. I’m not sure I was able to finish more than a chapter or two.

Where will you tour next (after Scandinavia)?

We’e not sure yet. We’ve had a busy summer, so we’ll take a bit of a break this fall. We’ve been talking about touring out on the West Coast of the US, so maybe we’ll head out that way at some point soon

Don’t you just LOVE Norwegian Melkesjokolade?

Scandinavians in general seem to take a lot of pride in their national chocolate. We definitely enjoyed the Norwegian Melkesjokolade and then we told our Swedish pals about it and they hurried out to the supermarket to get some Swedish chocolate – although many of them admitted that Finnish chocolate was even better (and it was!). The Swedish stuff was also very good, though I was a bit disappointed to discover that it was owned by Kraft – a company I try to avoid buying products from because they are owned by Philip Morris which is the big cigarette company in the US.

Disappointed in the lack of polar bears in the streets? AND no midnight sun?!

No midnight sun, but there’s still quite a bit of daylight, so that’s exciting. We really didn’t expect to see polar bears in Norway. If anything, I think maybe we would have expected some cross country skiers to be racing cars in the street.

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