It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.

Skrivekonkurranse 2005 – Hederlig omtale: Loony

Skrevet av Loony

Harry couldn’t sleep. He was laying in his bed, listening to Ron’s loud snoring. He had tried to close his eyes hundreds of times, but every time did, the picture of Hermione’s face popped up in his mind. If only he could stop thinking of her!

He started wondering if Ron and Seamus was having some sort of snoring competition, In that case, Ron was really close to victory now, Harry thought. He glanced out of the open bedroom window with an empty look on his face. The night sky was maybe starry, Harry couldn’t really decide without wearing his glasses.

As he made a bet with himself whether there really were any stars on it or not, he started thinking of Hermione again. His hart jumped. Was he really falling in love with Hermione?
Harry shook his head. He was convinced that his feelings for Hermione was just friendly, and the reason they were so strong now was because he was so stressed with all the school work. Besides, he needed to focus on other things than a silly little crush.

Suddenly he realized that something small and dark was heading for the window. He reached out for his glasses.
The next time he looked up, an big owl with grey feathers was sitting beside his bed, reaching one leg out. It was a small piece of parchment attached to it. Harry wrinkled his nose as he loosened the little piece of paper. Who would send him owl post at this hour?
He unfolded the tiny paper carefully, and read it. Four times. He couldn’t believe it. This couldn’t be real.

Harry stumbled over to Ron’s bed as he was gasping for air like a fish over water. He threw his arm forward to wake Ron up. He didn’t mean to hit him in the eye, but the truth was that right now, he didn’t care.
Ron woke up with a jerk. He looked shocked up at Harry and started whispering with an rather annoyed and tired voice.

“Blimey, Harry! What’s gong on? Calm-…”
“No, it’s no time for calming down!” Harry interrupted. “Look at this! Look!”
Ron quickened as he realized the seriousness of the situation. “What? What’s up?”
“This letter! I got it just now! It’s from… It’s.. IT’S A LETTER FROM SIRIUS!” Harry was whispering, although he did sound more like an elephant trying to scream in English.
Ron got a discouraged look on his face. “Harry, this is just silly and you know it. Sirius is-..”
“Yes, I know what he is, but just read it. You will see,” Harry interrupted impatient. “Just read.”
Ron looked at Harry, almost in pity. He unfolded the piece of parchment Harry had pushed into his hand.

After have finished reading, he didn’t look especially convinced. Harry was almost jumping from one foot to the other. “Now?”
“Harry,” Ron started tired. “Anyone could have written this.” Harry ripped the paper out of his hands “You see this?” He was pointing at a small, round mark down at the right corner of the paper with shaking hands.
Ron squinted at it. Then, suddenly, he recognized the mark. His eyes widened.

“He’s alive.”


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